Painting cabinet is an up-and-coming trend these days, and is more cost effective than replacing entire sets of cabinet. We see many customers opt for painted cabinet over cabinet with a traditional, semi-transparent stained appearance. The right cabinet color can transform and update the entire look of your kitchen or bathroom.

The methods we use ensure high-quality and durable results. So, if you’re tired of seeing chipped paint and scratches every time you reach into the cupboard, let us make your old cabinet look like new again.

  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Shelving Units
  • Furniture

What is the process?

  1. You select your desired finish – Paint, Stain or Durakhote

    Most times, this decision is a matter of preference. In some instances, however, the type of wood you have will determine the best option.

    For example, different woods like oak, maple, and hickory can be either painted or stained, yet reveal grain in a way unique to each.

    We will be happy to assist you in your decision process by providing samples of your particular wood type.

  2. You pick your Color – Standard or Custom

    Standard Colors – We offer many varying shades that make up our Standard Color options. For both paint and stain, we offer different color options in each of the light, medium, and dark toned families.

    Custom Colors – We can match any color you can find. Provide us a sample of what you would like, and we’ll do the rest.

  3. You pick an Accent – Glaze, Rub-Through, Distressing

    All accents are optional. You can choose none, just one, or multiple accents.

    Glaze – A process in which a contrasting glaze is hand-applied to the wood, then wiped off. The glaze will adhere to the natural grooves and waves of the wood surface. Any space between the moldings will show this contrast and enhance the complementary color.

    Distressing – A process that uses a variety of techniques to artificially age the cabinet to give a period look. This is often referred to as “cabinet antiquing.” There are many different types of distressing. We will be happy to show you options and allow you to choose the elements that best match your taste.

    Rub-Through – A process in which the cabinet are finished with contrasting colored layers and are then sanded to varying depths in order to bring out the color contrast.

  4. We remove doors and drawer fronts. Our service is customer-friendly.
  5. We Finish your cabinet doors and drawer fronts offsite in our shop or at your house
  6. We schedule an on-site date to finish cabinet boxes
  7. We re-install doors and drawers