It’s amazing just how transformative a new floor can add to a space. If your interior floors need an update, we provide the highest quality. Our specialized flooring processes are smart alternatives, for both the inside and outside of residential properties.

Zero Maintenance

The seamless nature of our flooring makes the floors easy to clean and maintain. Concrete is easy to clean, durable, and resistant to mold and scratches. Whether you are installing concrete floors inside or out, you can feel confident that the finished product will look great with virtually no maintenance.

Cost Effective

Compared to ceramic tile, linoleum, wood floors or carpeting, our floors are less expensive. Whether the cost is saved at the time of installation or a couple of years down the road, you will find the cost of our floors to be more economical. Our coatings will give you a long-lasting beauty for many years.

Healthy Alternative

Dangerous radon transmissions cannot penetrate our nonporous floor coatings. Coating your family rooms and living spaces with our products can give you peace of mind that undetected radon emissions will not be present. Our floors are also mold resistant, saving your family from harmful mold and bacteria exposure.


Our floors are customizable to fit your lifestyle and your home’s design. They will provide you with an attractive option for your floors that is also incredibly durable with its scratch and stain resistant properties.


Our concrete coating protects existing concrete from weather damage and daily use. The coating will not stain or fade in the harsh exterior elements and can stand up to even the highest traffic spaces.

Warm and Inviting

As your experts, we work to make all your spaces beautiful, welcoming, and easy to maintain. Our floor coating helps create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your outside gathering spaces, customizing the concrete to enhance your outdoor activities.