We offer a free service (with signed contract) to assist you in making your color selections.
One of the most difficult questions to answer after you’ve decided to paint your home is “What color do I want”? Colors can be a difficult decision but the difference they will make is extraordinary. Here are some tips to help you start thinking about color options:

  • Take a tour of your neighborhood and notice what colors are used on the homes you find attractive
  • Look for homes that have architectural details similar to your own
  • Select colors that compliment non-painted surfaces around your home (i.e. roof,
    stone, brick, and landscaping)
  • Color simplicity is important – too many colors may result in confusion
  • Use contrasting colors to emphasize interesting trim and details
  • Light/bright colors increase perception of size while dark colors tend to decrease
  • Minimize unattractive gutters and downspouts by painting in the body color